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[20 Aug 2008|02:13pm]
Hey all. Been a while since I touched this thing. Mostly, I'm doing this because a few weeks back Dan suggested I should. I suppose that's a moot point now, since no one has touched theirs in what appears to be weeks at least...except for Natasha. But she's busy with her comic and all those adoring fans I imagine.


Don't worry, I'm not going to sit here and point out every single detail that occured between Febuary and NOW. I don't even think I could remember them if I wanted to.

I got Brawl. I suppose that should be obvious because any Wii owner worth their weight owns Brawl, but still. I loved it. It's awesome. But now everyone's done with it and I have no one to play against.

...How tragic.

We got a new puppy. His name is Brady. He's a Minature Daschund and he's pretty cute...he's also terribly annoying at times. We've FINALLY gotten him to the point where he's mostly house broken (mostly) but he still chews the shit out of everything and he's extremely needy. I suppose if I had more free time I wouldn't mind but unfortunatly I barely have enough time for myself these days. At least he and Bridgette get along fine. Kitty hates his guts though.

The rest of the semester went...alright. I survived and made it out with all Bs. Not superb I 'spose but it's better than Cs or Ds. I'm just happy I passed all that shit. I did suprisingly well in my capstone, which impressed me at least because I was convinced my teacher was out to kill me.

Graduated back in May...Okay, well, according to the SCHOOL, I graduated this month. But I walked back in May and I don't really count the summer class, which I only took in order to save my sanity during the regular semester. Graduation Night was cool. The whole family got together at Outback (including my cousin Daniel, which sorta came out of the blue). Dad bought me a suit which I love to death and would wear everyday if I could find a reason for it. (As Ron White said, "You could put a pile of shit in a $1000 suit and it would look good." ...At least I THINK that's how the quote goes) He also gave me $900...most of which ended up going towards paying off my summer class. Which pissed me off. But I managed to snatch up the first season of One Piece by FUNimation first with some of it, along with Batman: Gotham Knight.

I've spent most of the summer doing two things...going to work and looking for more work. It's starting to drive me nuts because it feels like there's never enough time to do anything (I picked up Appleseed Ex Machina about two weeks ago and STILL haven't watched it...) There's good news though. I have a couple of job possibilities on the horizon. One of which would be with a marketing firm called One Tribe Creative. I'd be an intern but at least it's paid. Another would be with the Navy. I'd get to be a Media Coordinator, and would act as a director, photographer, PR agent and journalist for the Navy. Personally, that's the one I like the most but it's not as popular among my family and friends, so I'm waiting it out and seeing what happens first. My last option is with Vista/AmeriCORPS, where I would be a PR rep/volunteer for the Colorado Water Shed Program...the idea is cool, especially since I'd be in the mountains, and I like the project but I'd only be making $750 a month after taxes...which means I'd PROBABLY need roommates. And really I just want to get on my own again.

I wasn't ready to be in Tucson. I am NOW.

Otherwise I've just spent the summer being lazy and hanging with friends/family or seeing all the movies or just keeping busy around the house. Just relaxing when I can really. It's sort of gratifying to have a new school year coming around and know you DON'T have to go back to it.

Of the summer movies, I liked Wall-E the best. I know everyone's on this big Dark Knight kick right now...and I liked the movie too. I just didn't like it as much as everyone else. I felt it didn't live up to its hype, and that's partially my own fault since I went in with really high expectations I suppose.

Other than those two, Iron Man, Hellboy 2 and Clone Wars (surprisingly) were all also pretty good. I wanted to see Prince Caspian, but I never got around to it. I was still in summer school at the time.

I broke my laptop recently. It was being stupid and I got frustrated and banged my fist on it, and lo and behold the screen was destroyed. It's my own damn fault really. I shouldn't have been stupid and I've broken enough things in fits of rage to KNOW better by now. At least...in theory. So anyway I'm saving up in the mean time to replace it...which really I needed to do anyway...just wish I didn't have to do it as a result of my own stupidity. But within another week I'll have a paycheck and I should have enough to get a new lappy.

I need to start hitting the gym again...or at least doing more exercise. College was not kind to me and I've really packed on some extra pounds. I'd say a Freshmen Fifteen for each year. I'm not dangerously obese or anything (240) but I really need to start working out again. Probably would help if I started eating better too (doesn't help Ma does the grocery shopping and she always gets the stuff that's GOOD but not GOOD FOR YOU).

...So that's it I think. Unless you want me to tell you how awesome I think Chocobo's Dungeon is.
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Back to the daily grind. [24 Jan 2008|01:32pm]
[ mood | lazy ]


I have a half hour to kill.

...What the hell. May as well.

So as you can see, I'm updating. I don't suppose there's much to update ON, since my life can generally be easily catagorized as "uninteresting" or "repeatitive", BUT I'm bored and have nothing else to do so here we are.

Sorry to all my LJ friends. *shrugs* I just don't use this application all that much these days to be honest. Even in those rare instances when I HAVE time.

So, let's see...

Christmas and the break it was encased in was awesome. I had to work during the break, but as a flips side I made a good amount of money, which is particularly important now because I really need it and won't be making as much now that I'm back in school. I got a lot of really cool stuff as well, though some of it has yet to arrive...

-Dan gave me Monster on DVD (which is one of the few anime I still enjoy)
-I got three CDs. Comatose by Skillet, The Best of Carlos Santana and 1 by The Beatles.
-I got a crap load of games. Mario Galaxy, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, NiGHTS, Sonic Rush Adventure, Soulcalibur Legends, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (given to me by Mark) and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.
-Hueber gave me a $25 for Gamestop, which I have used to get One Piece: Unlimited Adventure
-I got the two latest Vampire Hunter D novels, along with the first manga adaptaion and a really cool book which gives a timeline through Biblical History.
-I got socks and boxers...which I asked for partially in jest, but also really needed. (As always, it seems...)
-I got a Wii Points card.
-A half hour massage, along with beer (which I traded for a Snapple) and some assorted candies in my stocking.
-MTV's Downtown on DVD (haven't gotten it yet though).

So, in a spiritual and physical way (as well as just quality time with my family) it was a great Christmas.

Last week I went down to Tucson to visit my friends. I didn't get to see them all sadly, but of course school had started and they all had their own lives to worry about. I did spend the week with Stefanie, which was great, but also got to see Aaron, Hueber, Pat, Sam, Anne and Laura, as well as some of my old co-workers. I was a little hesitant about going down initially, but it turns out aside from my lack of a cell-phone and the UA being the closest thing to a Nazi-regime, my trip down there was well worth the money. Plus, I made up for the trip in one paycheck.

I can't really say I did a lot. I played a lot of Wii with my friends and watched a lot of movies, though I did hit the gym and go out to eat a lot. Personally, I'm prefectly fine with that. That's the sort of thing I'd typically do on a vacation anyway (unless it was to go to amusement parks or the beach, or if I was camping of course). And much to my surprise, Stef's dorm was relatively quiet the whole week, except on Saturday night. But I suppose it works out well, since I apparently woke Stef up twice when I "screamed" in my sleep one evening.

...Disturbing I know.

Anyway, so now I'm back at school. It's only my third day back. So far I am enjoying (or at least tolerating well) all of my classes, but my Capstone class (JTC 450 Public Relations Cases) has me scared shitless. It just seems very intimidating and is a lot of work. It seems I'll be "interning" with my folks and making publicity for their Quiznos, which is good at least, but the course as a whole still makes me nervous.

I think that's all I wanted to talk about. Even if not, I gotta be going to class, so I suppose it'll have to be.

Take care everyone!


That Great Pumpkin is up to no good... [31 Oct 2007|08:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Happy Halloween all!

...I'm more of a Christmas guy really, but hey, no matter. Halloween is still fun. The PRSSA went to a Haunted House on monday...but it turns out it was the same haunted house(s) that Marlo, Mark, Michelle and I went to a few weeks ago. Which, as I already said, I didn't think was too spectacular. So I decided I would avoid that this time. I thought about dressing up today as a Shy Guy, but I apparently got rid of my red hoodie and red red robe, and Ma threw out my invisible face mask, thus making that costume idea a thing of the past until I can gather those materials again. Ah well. Some other year perhaps.

So I'm pretty spazzed at the momement. I have my semester research project for JT 411, my group project for JT 351, and of course am working on my class projects for both 372 and 353. Fun fun fun. Throw in bits of work and scrambling to get stories for my internship (so I don't just sit there with my thumb up my butt and pretend to look busy) I am pretty busy all around.

Camereon and I went and saw 3:10 to Yuma...which despite being a remake, was friggin' awesome. It's nice to see a western. There are lots of things I miss with society these days, and westerns are one of them. Anyway, hopefully Cameron and I will be able to start hanging out more, now that I have his number.

I traded in Mario Strikers Charged (STILL a fun game...but 1P mode was too frustrating for me to warrant keeping it) and Mario & Luigi 2 (Eh...not as good as the first one is) and traded up for Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure. Almost none of you will play it. I know this. All the same I say you should be ashamed that you won't because the game is friggin' GENIUS. It's REALLY REALLY fun, not to mention legitimately challenging without being frustrating. Two things that seem to be lacking from a lot of games these days. In addition, beating the puzzles often leaves a genuine feeling of satisfaction.

So I got the chance to talk with a lot of my friends from AZ...Dan, Stef and Yvonne. Yvonne will be traveling up to Mineasotta, which means she'll be passing by Loveland. It'll be nice to see her. Stef and I talked about me coming down to Tucson. I told her about the problem resulting from my currently planned schedule for next semester, but as it turns out there's another week that I have off right before school starts when everyone will still be there. So I'm thinking I'll shoot for that. Hopefully I'll get to see all my AZ friends around January.

Ummmmmm...Is that it? Yeah, I think that's it.

I think I'm gonna go watch Nightmare Before Christmas...or play some Ghouls N' Ghosts...or more Zack and Wiki. Who knows? The night, she is YOUNG!

G'nite all.

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Random rants and rambling... [18 Oct 2007|09:14pm]

So I went with Mark, Marlo, Michelle, and Marlo's bf to a haunted house on Saturday. I had fun, but both of the haunted houses were dissapointing. The first one we entered was generally better, but not particularly scary. The second one was slightly scarier, but not very good...most of the time the five us just stumbled around in the dark. But regardless, I had fun.

Sunday sucked because I had to work. I don't mind the working so much, but one of the employees I had to work WITH. As some of you may know, I am an acting manager at my parent's Quiznos. I was closing that night, and was in charge. And this girl, no matter what I told her to do...would ARGUE with me about it. Either that or complain about it. It was incredibly infuriating. And to top it all off, I ended up having to redo her dishes because she's apparently inept.

As some of you may know, Sonic the Hedgehog was confirmed to be a playable character in Smash Bros. Brawl last Wendsday. Needless to say, I was giddy. So much so I nearly shouted while at my internship, where I discovered the news. Unfortunatly, that news was immediatly followed by the bad news the game is delayed until Febuary 10. Aside from the fact I just don't want to wait, this game is going to be coming out at the beginning of NEXT semester, in which I will be taking 18 credits, including 450, which from what everyone tells me is INSANE.

Which leads me into my bad news from this Tuesday. Apparently, I shot myself in the food. According to my advisor, I was supposed to register for 15 credits this semster, and then take an additional 15 next semester including 450 (I dunno where he gets THIS idea...if he had said something I would have written it down like everything else). But anyway, so essentially, if I want to graduate on time, I need to either take the 15 next semester and than take an additional course over the summer, or try to cram in all courses into next semester. I'm leaning towards the latter, only because everyone tells me 450 is INSANE. But the fact is I REALLY don't want to have to take more summer courses. I want to be able to walk out on graduatation day and say "SCREW YOU SCHOOL! I'M DONE!" Of course...I dunno if I can do it...or at least do it and maintain my sanity.

I also picked up Transformers on DVD Tuesday. And it's still awesome. In fact, it's more awesome because I'm coming to realize more so this time than last time the amount of detail to accuracy (regarding the military) and the nods to the old school cartoon. I wish I had waited though. I went in and picked it up at Best Buy, and got the 2 disc special editon for an additional $4-$5 or so. Simply because this is one of the few movies where I REALLY wanted to see the special features (which have been fascinating, rest assured). But I quickly discovered that Wal-Mart offers a two disc special bonus which includes a prequel of some sort for about $19. Even better, King Soopers had the DVD for $17, plus you got a free water bottle, which was something I need. I don't know if the Wal-Mart one had the bonus features, but I know King Soopers was the basic DVD. But regardless, I'm happy with the purchase. I have also learned through the special features that Michael Bay is a jerk, and Shia LaBeouf is pretty awesome.

So today in my Media and Ethics class, we were discussing ethics in advertising (What? Ethics? Advertising? I don't think those two words go together), and I guess I came off as rather arrogant. I wasn't trying to, I promise (isn't it ironic that for someone who's major invovles communication, I'm so friggin' awful at communicating?) Basically, it came into conversation about "How do you feel about product placement? Do you have any brands that you have an irrational liking for?" And I simply said no. I explained that often, I'll go for a generic brand over a real brand, excluding one or two brands...but usually because I have an ACTUAL reason, not for any irrational sub-concious what nots that I can't explain. So some girl tried to counter and say "Well, don't you have an obsession with cheaper generic brands then?" I quickly countered that it was a good point but it was wrong because I don't ALWAYS buy generic brands. Which elicited laughter from the class. Of course, had I gotten a chance to explain myself, I would have said that a) generic brands don't usually HAVE commercials, so making the argument that their commercials effect me is kinda a poor argument, and b) I simply buy based on the knowledge or assumption that this product will satisfy me. Of course, I sincerely doubt anyone in the class believeed me, and hey, that's there hang up I suppose.

As for product placement, a lot of the students argued it was a negative thing...and I suppose it is to a degree. It certainly blurs the line between advertisment and creative work, which in essence dulls and dumbs down our culture...hard as that is to believe, yes, it can get worse from here. But on the same note, I don't really think of it as deceptive, because honestly, everytime I see a brand name in ANYTHING, my first reaction is "I wonder how much (company) paid (studio) so that they could get their name out there?" Again, I hate to sound arrogant, but I guess I'm just more receptive of those kinda things.

Looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully going to hang out with Cameron. Dunno what we're doing yet, but we're working on it.

So that's gonna do it. Ciao.
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Mmm...Garlic... [08 Oct 2007|01:30pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

*licks lips.*

Garlic Rolls and Dr. Pepper. Good stuff.

So anyway, I can't recall ALL the events that occured in my life over the last two weeks, which probably means there wasn't any real events to speak of.

Two weeks ago, my week was pretty good actually. One of my classes was essentially canceled for that week (as well as the week prior) so aside from my internship, I basically got to sleep in on mon. and wen. Sadly, ma put me to work friday morning those two weeks, but that was okay. The crew she and Joe hired is coming along. The morning crew is great! ...Sadly, I'm the night guy, so I never work with them. I'm usually stuck with the night crew, which, while improving, can vary per night anywhere from "Wow...I'm impressed" to "OH GOOD GOD these kids are pants on head retarted!" (my new favorite expression).

So aside from that though, that week was good.

LAST week, I went back to the PRSSA (I missed some meetings on account of school related projects and the fact I'm a moron and went one night when there WAS no meeting). It really wasn't a meeting so much as just a "Bowling fun night", which was fine by me.

I really did have fun, but of course, the problem was I was surrounded by 10 or so absolutely gorgeous women...and I'm here making an ass of myself because aside from bowling on Wii Sports, I'm generally awful at the sport. So basically, I paid to make a fool out of myself in front of the opposite sex...it was like middle school all over again. And then of course, there's the fact I was the only guy in the group, and I'm just generally shy to begin with.

But again, as I said, I had fun. I'm still learning names, but I am becoming more familiar with some of the execs., namely "Stevie" (Stephanie), Ashley and Amanda.

My "big" story for my internship was published in the RH Weekly last wen., and overall I was pretty impressed. I was kinda irked that they decided not to include some of what I wrote, as well as the pics of some of the mazes I managed to get. But I suppose that's me nit picking because it was work that I did that had no outcome. But the story wasn't too shabby. I'm currently working on my next project, which is of course a story on Halloween costumes and Halloween's growing popularity.

I am SERIOUSLY beginning to despise my Web Design class. Aside from the usual reasons, the client I picked is proving far more difficult to handle, since there are doctor/patient confidentiality agreements of sorts that prevent me from going in their and asking questions and taking pictures WITHOUT specific approval from the corporation's high paid lawyers, aside from the fact that what I am doing is BASICALLY FREE PUBLICITY. As a result, I have to rely on bro Greg to assist me in getting said information and pictures, which needless to say, is frustrating. Especially since he, his bosses, and myself, have SIGNIFICANTLY different ideas as far as time constraints go.

I'm sure you all know at this point about the big hulla-ba-lu that occured with my school's paper and the whole F**K BUSH fiasco, so I won't really touch on that at the moment other than to say that I'm dissapointed in the editorial staff (though not surprised) and outraged that such a blatant abuse of freedom of speech and mockery to professional journalism has gone unpunished. But whatever. It's not as if I read the stupid rag anyway for anything other than to occasionally look at the comics.

I'm pretty excited about Saturday. Marlo, Mark, Michelle and I are going to some haunted houses in the Fort Collins mall. Sounds fun. And I haven't been to a haunted house since I went with my friend Paul and his family back in high school.

The anime One Piece finally got re-dubbed by FUNImation and launched last saturday night on Toonami at 11 PM. Being that it is my favorite anime (if not the only one I even watch at this point), I'm very very happy with the results. The dub isn't my ideal in some cases, but is a HUGE improvement over the half-handed dub that was given to One Piece fans by 4Kids. In addition, the use of original BGM, opening and closing animations and songs and commercial transition animations, makes me pretty happy overall.

And I guess that's it for now. And even if not, I suppose I'd best run to class. So, take care!

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The Matrix is telling my brain that this is TURKEY Jerky... [08 Sep 2007|09:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This week was a general improvement over last week...for lots of reasons.


I have a mycoke membership. Cause I love Coke. And I figure that all the money I've poured into their sweet, beautiful, acidic products (namely Coke) should come back and benefit me SOMEHOW. I had initally been saving my reward points to get a DS Lite, so I can sell my old DS for some cash. Sadly, mycoke removed it from their selection. Wario Ware Smooth Moves is the new high prize, ranging at a woping 1200 points.

I got like 400 something


ANYWAY, so instead, I got a free 30 day trial to Gametap. ...And I LOVE IT.

I mean, goodness, I found games I had been looking for for YEARS, not to mention games I had wanted to try like Mr. Driller (which is ridiculously fun by the way). But it also has games I love, like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, KoF 2003, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Samurai Showdown and King of the Monsters 2. I'm even playing Grandia II, which is actually a good little RPG.

Sadly, my computer is weak compared to others, so I can't play Crazy Taxi (among other games) and Sam & Max plays like crap. But really, I wanted to get Gametap for the fighters, so I think I'll manage. My only other complaint is SOMETIMES Gametap gets flaky, and that's annoying.

So you can imagine what I spent most of Labor Day doing.

on Wen., I did some more press releases at the Hearld, and then Jeff (he would be my supervisor) came in at 10 and informed me I'll be doing a story on the local harvest festivals in the area. Specifically, the Corn Field Mazes. I actually thought it was a cool idea myself.

AH! My first story as a journalist. Well...journalist intern in training...

Ahh...I don't recall the rest of the week being too exciting until thursday. I'm still convinced my Media & Ethics professor is out to make me look like an idiot at every convenient opportunity...but maybe I'm being paranoid...maybe I just HAPPEN to be an idiot.

Anyway, Thursday was particularly exciting. In Media & Ethics, we had a panel come to class. Jeff was on the panel, which was pretty good. But I also said something and DIDN'T get mocked by the professor. It may be a fluke though.

When I got home, I figured I would call my friend Stefanie in Tucson. I had tried to call her a couple time earlier but always missed her. I thought I would again but tried anyway. But I didn't! And oh goodness did she make my night. It was so good to hear her voice again.

I was packing up for bed, in a generally good mood, when I suddenly realize...

...my wallet is gone.

Which brings me to this week's crisis.

Yeah, so I'm going nuts. My wallet has my ATM card, Student I.D. (which I don't much care about, but it does cost $15 to replace), Driver's Lisence AND my Social Security Card in it. So I'm going nuts. I tear ass through my room, the house, and the neighborhood. Sadly, I think that I have lost it for good, and call off plans with friends Marlo (for the SECOND time...I'm such a jerk) and Mark, because I figured I had a lot of work ahead of me tomorrow.

So Friday rolls around. The first thing I do is go and cancel my ATM card and request another, figuring that my wallet and it's contents were now in the hands of...well...someone probably questionable in character. I head off to school and retrace my steps from the day before, which brings me back to the library (I was picking up sources and doing research for a paper due thur). I arrive at the front desk and SURE ENOUGH, my wallet was left behind and given to the front counter. They apparently tried to call me (which is bull. I was home the whole time thursday evening and heard NOTHING) but didn't get me, so they put it in their safe. So, good news was, I had my wallet back. The bad news was, I had a useless ATM card (with all my money in the bank mind you) and I had blown off plans with Mark and Marlo for no reason. I tried to contact both through Facebook, but sadly didn't reach Marlo in time.

BEFORE all this, I was having lunch with my older bro Ian. It was talking with him (as it always is) and he was very nice about the fact that he was buying...on his birthday, no less. But we talked and had a good time.

THEN I met up with Mark. We hung out for a bit, then I had to go home to get some things because I had been invited to spend the night at his dorm.

...Rest assured, walking around public holding a sleeping bag is awkward. I certainly elicited a couple of stares.

Anyway, Mark and I didn't do much I suppose. I FINALLY got to see BioShock in motion, and it's amazing. I just wish Mark had actually let me PLAY the game *glares at Mark*, but in his defense, we didn't have too much time. He also showed me Persona 3, which was also very cool. Certainly enough to put it on my want list.

...The concept of summoning ghosts to preform attacks by blowing your brains out (though not literally) is still a little odd to me though...but what can I say? It's Japanese. Japanese culture has a tedency to go all weird.

Mark took me to this place across from his dorm where I got some awesome pizza and fries and a drink. For free even. I wish UA Dorms had been that cool. In fact, Mark's dorm (besides his room being somewhat cramped...though admittingly it WAS a single) in general was probably hella better than Manzi-Mo was in general. Though, living with Nishant and Aaron and Armando that first year was cool.

So anyway, afterwards we watched Hellboy: Blood & Iron and Clerks the Animated series. Good stuff.

It was generally a lot of fun. My only complaint is I left my Wii's damn visual/audio cables at Mark's dorm. So I won't get any Wii in until tuesday.

...Annnnd I guess that does it for me. Take care everyone!

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Mickey Mouse in "Runaway Brain" [29 Aug 2007|09:42pm]

Mickey Mouse in "Runaway Brain"
"Mickey Mouse in "Runaway Brain"" on Google Video
Best Mickey short ever...which I suppose isn't saying much, on the account of the fact Mickey Mouse is generally not too funny...But he is this time.

Also, I've gained a certain respect for him, having seen that he is an avid gamer.

In addition, I've conclude Minnie's a total tease. That skirt is way too short.
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First two day report [21 Aug 2007|09:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So let's see...it's been the first two days of school, and so far things are going well...but...I also got out early both times. I somehow have the impression I won't be quite so fortunate in the days to come (fortunatly, I only have one class on friday). But anyway, so far my classes have been good.

On mon., wen. and fri. I have JT 351, which is my PR Campaign class. It sounds like from the gist of it that it's basically a more involved version of my intro to PR class. Doesn't seem like such a bad deal to me I suppose. Only one test, and the rest of the semester's projects are all involved in one big project over the course of the semester. Not too shabby I 'spose.

On mon. and wen., I also have JT 353, which Writing in PR. Basically, it's going to serve as a refresher ocurse on how to use the AP style (Associated Press). It doesn't seem too complicated. A test here, some writing exercies there...but for the most part it seems like it's pretty simple.

On tu. and thur., I have another two classes. Media Ethics and Web Design. Web Design doesn't seem TOO bad...it'll be a more indepth version of JT 211. In the case of Media Ethics it sounds interesting and simple enough...except for the fact we have weekly quizzes on readings from the NY Times.

1. I don't like the NY Times.

2. I'm not about to drop $30 on a subscription for something when all I'll need is the front page.

So, I've decided to boycott the NY Times and just use the Wii's News Channel. Update regularly, and it comes from the Associated Press, where many major newspapers get at least SOME of their stories from.

If it turns out THAT doesn't work...well...I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Oh, other good news. I was sending out emails looking for internships and...well...I got a response from the local paper, The Loveland Reporter Herald. I went on monday morning for an interview, and from the talk it sounds like I basically got it. I think they would have given it to me one way or the other...possibly because I'm doing it for free...and was willing. I'm a little worried about balancing it and school and working with Ma and Joe at their Quizno's...but we'll see I suppose.

Anyway, I guess that does it for me. I'm going to go watch this movie I rented, so take care!

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The Obligatory Birthday Post [27 Jul 2007|01:58pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


So, I'm 22 now. I got the new car smell and everything.

It's been a fairly eventful week, I suppose. Or at least by my standards.

Saturday, the day before my birthday, my friend Mark and I went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. Needless to say, it was stupid. But it was a FUN stupid. As my friend Camereon put it, you got what you expected. Plus, Bruce Willis can play just about any character and I'd still probably watch at least 10 minutes of a movie he's in. WHY? He just happens to rock, that's all.

Afterwards, we more or less just hung out. Checked some shops, played some Wii, took a walk, got some Coldstone. Ya know, chillin' like villians.

The 22nd (my actual birthday) was pretty cool. Ma made me a special breakfast of sausage and chocolate chip waffles. Awesome, to say the least. Yvonne also called me, which was very nice. We didn't do anything, which doesn't bother me. I hung out with Ma and Joe and Greg until around 6:30 PM, and then drove over to Pops. Pops had decided to prepare a big dinner for me, and we also had my bros Matt and Todd (and his gf Molly). Matt showed me the DVDs of Captain N the Game Master which he was borrowing from his student.

...It was pretty cheesey. Very much so in fact. PAINFULLY. But it was the 80s, so most things were. It had its nostalgia value at least.

Anyway, so I hung out with everyone there (Greg stopped by after work and had dinner as well), then we had cake and ice cream (my second serving that day), and I opened my gift. I got a second Wii Nunchunk, which was awesome because I had been trying to get one for some time. Now I can FINALLY play Mario Strikers Charged (which I'll be getting tuesday) and Wii Boxing with two players. In addition, Todd gave me a $40 gift card for Best Buy, which I used to buy Rogue Galaxy for my PS2 (which has been awesome) and Ma and Joe gave me $30...which I have yet to spend.

School was it's usual self. Nothing bad, but nothing exciting. Think I did well on today's test as well.

Also, yesterday, I finally got the figure I had ordered some time ago. This was good too.

And today, Cameron, his roomie Travis and I are gonna go see the Simpson's Movie. I'm not terribly excited to see it. But who knows? It MIGHT be good. Really, I'm just glad I finally get a chance to hang with Camereon and Travis again.

Sooo...that's it. Nothing exciting. But I've enjoyed it.

Anyway, take care everyone!

Oh, and thanks to all who contributed birthday wishes.


So it's July now... [20 Jul 2007|12:17pm]
[ mood | good ]


Sooo...let's play a little bit of catch up eh?

July 3rd: Saw Transformers with my bro Todd and his gf Molly. Unquestionably the greatest movie I've seen all summer. I know that when you consider all the factors, it shouldn't be. But it was. I woulda been happier if I could have just seen it with Todd though...>:/

Also, sadly, I didn't get that job I discussed in my last post. Which kinda sucked. But on the other hand, I'm kinda glad. I don't think it's the sort of thing I'm ready for yet. Certainly since I would be designing websites, something my experience with is minimal. But after this fall semester, I should have a better understanding.

July 4th: Was kinda an uneventful 4th to be honest. I saw a few of my brothers, we had a barbacue, and Ma, Joe and I watched 1776 and The Great Seiege. However, we didn't really go out to see fireworks as we usually do. Ma and Joe weren't feeling well, plus it ended up raining a little. Fortunatly, our neighbors were launching fireworks illegally, so I had the opportunity to sit on the back deck and watch those.

July 9th: First day of my second summer class, INtro to Marketing. Our Professor, Mr. Donovan, is actually pretty cool. The class itself is probably significantly more fun as a result of the fact that he teaches it. Which is good, because getting up at 6 AM everyday would kinda suck otherwise.

Class has been going well. It's really not that difficult to be honest. I got a 90 on the first test, and I think I did well on our second test today. Plus even though getting up early kinda sucks, the fact is I'm all done with hw and such by the 1 PM, so I have the rest of the day to do...well, anything.

July 11th: This year's E3 began (or as I dubbed it, MinE3). It really wasn't too eventful, which makes sense since it was scaled down significantly. But it gave me release dates for a bunch of games I'm looking into (Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl among others), plus Mario Kart Wii was confirmed and revealed. There were some other good things too, but I don't own a 360 so that wasn't as exciting, and I don't intend to buy a PS3...well...ever. So there you go.

Truthfully, I don't think there's much else to discuss. My birthday is this sunday, which is cool. Mark and I are going to hang out tomorrow and celebrate each other's birthdays (he turned 19 about two or three days ago). And I intend to keep the day of my actual birthday as a day to spend time with the family.

Otherwise I've just been keeping myself busy.

Anyway, hope you're all doing well. Keep it real!

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JEEZ It's Hot! [24 Jun 2007|06:54pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Man, it is hot this summer. Oddly, it wasn't a month ago. A month ago, it was SIGNIFICANTLY cooler in may, certainly in comparison to last year.

But today...right now...it is FRIGGIN' HOT. And I am sitting in a leather chair. And sticking to it. It's not fun.

Erm...let's see...

I had fun on Father's Day. Pops, bro Todd, his gf Molly and I went and saw Fantastic Four 2. Much like the first, it wasn't the greatest comic movie ever. But it wasn't bad by any means. Really, the show was stolen by the movie's namesake, the Silver Surfer.

*brief spoilers*

For the most part, it was a pretty decent movie, but it was pretty heavy on focusing on the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) who isn't a character I like. But I guess they did it heavy on The Thing last time, so it makes sense I suppose.

I DID have a few quoibles...

1. Galactus was barely in it...and he was a cloud. Wait? What?

2. The Fantasticar was a Dodge. I don't hate Dodge, but this is one of those "marketing is going too far" scenarios in my opinion.

3. Dr. Doom was cool, but they kinda undid his character when they decided to make him un-ugly again.

4. One line by Susan (Invisible Woman) just sounded so stupid "I am SO hot for you right now." It's just not something her character would say. However, Johnny saying so was funny.

*end slight spoilers*

Anyway, quoibles aside, it was good. And really, I had fun with Pops, and that was all that matters. After that, Pops and I watched a movie (The first Fantastic Four) and had some dinner. And that was cool.

There's not a whole lot going on. Ma rented the first disk of Beast Machines for me with her Net Flix account. It's still as awesome as it was when I was in high school. Perhaps more so.

I got an interview with a REAL company this tuesday for an interview. I'm a little nervous, since this is my first interview that isn't for a school job or some sort of food related job. I'm also afraid that I'll get the job and be dangerously underqualified. It also doesn't help everyone in my family is making a huge deal (rightfully so, but despite their best interests, it's making me nervous).

I'm also a little worried because, well...while I would LOVE to get the full time internship at AE (Advanced Energy), the problem is I also got class in about two weeks, and it's from 7:30 to 9:30 AM. In other words, working full time is do-able, but going to be a pain.

Anyway, what else is going on...

Oh! Right. Like I said, I own Ghost Rider now, which is cool. Transformers comes out July 3rd, and Mario Strikers Charged is released on July 30th, right after my birthday. Not too shabby.

I've been working alot on the deck, assisting bro Greg and Joe in their endevours. Namely, painting and staining, along with basic construction. It's coming along nicely.

Hmm...I can't think of much else at the moment. SO...I'm gonna go for a swim. Take it easy!

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...I hate ties. [25 May 2007|09:59pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Although I DID look like a sexy beast. Rowr. ^_~

Sooo...week two of summer school. Same old same old. We've started on our group project. BASICALLY, we have to do an entire PR campaign for a client...in a matter of three weeks. A task that normally spans a whole semester. However, our group has someone with some experience, and in addition, we're actually ahead of the other groups. Not too bad I suppose. I was kinda mad today though, because we had the day off (class was cancelled since our professor was ahead of schedule in lecture), and the "leader" of our group actually wanted to meet today at 9:30. So, I went there. There were three other members, but the other two never showed up. Sooo...that was a waste.

I tried to pay off a bill for school, but apparently my ATM card has a daily spending limit...which the bill exceeded. Sooo...that sucked too.

But I was finished with all my hw for the week by wen., so the rest of the day was kinda easy...

...Until I remembered it was Matt and Devida's wedding day. (They're friends of Greg, and consequently friends of us as well, though I don't know them too well...but I'm not about to NOT go when invited).

Of course, this meant wearing tight, uncomfortable pants, a tie (which would turn out to bug me all evening), and of course, ironing my dress shirt.

All of which are things/activities I DO NOT MUCH CARE FOR.

But once my inital grumble fest wore off, and we actually arrived, the festivities began and it was a wonderful wedding. I had fun, and saw bro Todd and his gf Molly along with bro Greg with our pal Jon (who were both groomsmen).

I had a Coke and Burbon (it was a special event, so I felt it warranted a drink) and decided that I'd suck down Cokes the rest of the evening, since they were making the drinks pretty stiff. Dinner wasn't anything special, but it wasn't too bad. It was rather casual. Meatballs, veggies, chips, shrimp cocktails...again, nothing too special.

Overall, it was fun, and it was the first wedding I had ever been to. So yeah. Neat. I wish Matt and Divida the best. ^_^

Otherwise, nothing too new. I FINALLY got back into writing my story. Basically, I organized it like this, since I have a lot of things I want to do this summer...

Mon.: Read the novels I need to finish (currently Vampire Hunter D)
Tue.: Play the video games I need to beat (currently Okami)
Wen.: Watch Wolf's Rain until it's finished.
Thur.: Work on my stories.
Fri-Sun.: Eh...whatever.

Or at least, that's the idea for now while I'm in school.

Good news for us geeks! Starcraft 2 was FINALLY announced, confirmed, and trailer-ed. In addition, Smash Bros. Brawl's webpage is up, and slowly dripping in info bit by bit.

In addition, I saw the trailers for FF:CC The Crystal Bearers and RE:Umbrella Chronicles. Which both look awesome.

I guess that's it. Pirates 3 launched yesterday...but I hate it, Bloom, and Depp at this point. So...yeah. Even my love of regular pirates can't compell me to go see it.

Won't lie though. Always thought Davy Jones looked cool.

Anyway, ciao.


Autobots! Transform and roll out! [18 May 2007|04:06pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


Before I geek out on y'all completely...

Got my grades. Not my usual "slightly short of phenominal" grade average. I got two D+s. ONE of them should have been a friggin' C. Seriously. It was a 69.8%. Seriously, jerk should have rounded it up. But anyway, that was in my Local Gov. class, and the other was a 68%, and that was in Stats, which I was expecting.


A in my Modern Technical Communications class, Bs in the other four. Ma didn't seem to mind. Like she said, I had a lot of courses this semester, so the two D+s weren't too bad. Especially since my overall GPA is still a 3.0.

Summer school is going well so far. Grant you, it's only been a week, but even so, it's not too bad. HW is easy to do, as it is mostly reading, and the subjet is kinda interesting actually (which is good, since PR is what I intend to with my life after all).

Saw 28 Weeks Later with my brother Greg and friend Jesse last night. It wasn't...bad...but it certainly wasn't as compelling as the first. For one thing, they did alot of that camera shaking in the action scenes, which made it hard to follow. It got really annoying most of the time. My second complaint is with the subtle political commentary on the American Military. I'm honestly just sick of going to the movies and having Hollywood (or English is this case) directors or actors trying to shove their political beliefs down my throat. It's one of the reasons I just don't go to the movies these days. Most of them are either crap or are BLATANTLY political in their motivation. Like Children of Men. The premise made it seem great, but I could just tell by the preview this was another politically based pile of crap.

Currently watching my brother Todd's copy of Wolf Rain. Been a while since I watched anime. It's not half bad...but I've only seen two episodes. Currently watching the third. I have very little idea what is going on, but I've gotten used to that. The animation is good and Yoko Kanno once again does a great job with the soundtrack. So...so far...all good. But I've also heard it gets kinda boring...so I don't know. We'll see.



This is the latest trailer for the new Transformer's movie. And I gotta say, despite the complaints of long time Transormers fans, I'm STOCKED about this movie. And truthfully, I don't even like Transformers all that much. I really liked Beast Wars and Beast Machines. The rest was just kinda...eh. BUT this movie looks awesome. This is the only other movie I really want to see this summer that I haven't...that and Shrek 3, but I'm thinking I won't go see that in the theaters. Can't keep going after all. Not while I don't have steady cash flowing in.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.

Till next time, true believers.

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SCHOOOOOOOL'S...OUT...FOR...SUMMER! [11 May 2007|08:05pm]


Yeah, I gotta go back to summer school come monday. But one class is much better than say, the eight I was taking this semester. Significantly.

Ma and I picked up Oreo from the airport a few days ago. Todd and Molly agreed to take him in.

Oreo is our 13 year old cat we've "had" since I was in the second grade. The thing is, one of our houses we moved into, the landlord was allergic. And Meme, (my Ma's Ma) had died recently, so we saw this as an opportunity to give Pepe (my Ma's Pa) the chance to have some company.

And he did...until Pepe died in the summer of '01.

Oreo kinda sat around for some time with my cousins, but I guess they were going to get rid of him or something, so Todd, wanting to take him in, offered him a home. We worked out the details, and we had him shipped out a couple days earlier.

I have completed all my finals. I did shitty in stats apparently, as I suspected. But I got a 68 overall, which while bad...is at least passing.

However, I did do well on everything else at least. I think I did well on my Local Goc. final, and KNOW I did well on my finals for Visual Media, Communication Media, and Federal Gov. classes. My final project in my Astronomy Lab is still up in the air...but...eh. Whatever.

Anyway, I think that's all for the mean time. I'm gonna go play SC III now.

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*CAUTION* This is specifically a Geek Entry *CAUTION* [04 May 2007|09:40pm]
Hiya! Lots of stuff has happened, and much of it is geekish. SO, I figured I'd take a seperate entry and put that stuff in here. So, if you were interested, you could read it. And if not, well, you don't have to.

Anyway, I'm gonna break it up by catagories and give it some cuts so it's easier on the eyes and such and whatever it is that bothers people when there aren't LJ Cuts.

Spider-Man 3: The BRIEF Review

Read more...Collapse )

Game's to look out for

Read more...Collapse )

Okay, that's enough of that. Be good friends. Take care.
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Wow...March 29th? [04 May 2007|09:31pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

March 29th huh? Sheesh. Been a while I suppose. Believe it or not I've been busy. With school mostly. Lemme see...

Ummm, there hasn't been a WHOLE lot, now that I think about it. There was, I thought, more to it. And there probably was...but after a month or so of not updating, some things are bound to get lost.

Err...I guess this is kinda long, and I tend to get complaints, so I GUESS I'll throw in a cut...Even though I still believe them to be more or less pointless.

Read more...Collapse )

Ummm...I do believe that covers everything. Or at least at the moment. So, take care everyone!



Mario and Sonic...together. [29 Mar 2007|07:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Ya all knew it was bound to happen folks. Mario, Nintendo's front man, and Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's most successful character, are finally in a game together.

Now, whether or not it's what everyone wanted...or expected...is another thing entirely.

Me? I'm excited about this game. But I've always dreamed of the idea of a game with Sonic and Mario. ANY kind of game. And while this may not have been my initial choice, I can't lie. I'm psyched. Especially since Miyamoto is working directly on the game.

Now, on the forums, you might see a different story. Many people are dissapointed because it seems like the game is a bit of a sell out, since it is directly involved with the 2008 Olympics. Now...this is true. But come on. Why is that such a big deal? It's not as if this is the first time a video game has been made as a tie in with something else all in the name of money. And that Sonic and Mario are just being used because the cross over will rake in loads of cash. First off, HOW many crappy video games have been tied in with an anime, tv show, or movie? At least this one is being made by people who KNOW how to make good games. Secondly, this is not the first time Mario has been along side another character not from Nintendo. Besides Snake in the upcoming Smash Bros, you got Pac-Man racing alongside Mario in the hard to find and under appreciated arcade racer Mario Kart Arcade GP.

The other big complaint is that it's not the game people would have hoped for. Obviously, I would have liked a platformer too, but the fact is that when you think about it, a bunch of mini games (which is obviously what this will become) is a lot more accessable to a number of people who aren't regular gamers, which is the Wii's (and to a lesser extent, the DS's) target audience.

Besides, think of the possibilities. This more or less confirms that Sonic is probably gonna be in SSB:B. In addition, this opens a path to a whole new series of Sonic and Mario games down the line.

...Annnyway. That's all I gots to say about that.

If you're interested, here's the official site. There isn't much...but it exists.


That's all. Ciao.

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So...how about those turtles eh? [27 Mar 2007|10:15pm]
[ mood | good ]

Let's see...it sure has been a while eh?

Okay, here's the low down.

Spring Break:

Mostly just the same in and out. I helped around the house, helping Ma and Joe adding some details to the back yard.

My brother Greg also moved in with us. He and my brother Matt apparently got into a big fight, sooo...now he's moved into the guest room. It's cool to hang out with him again, but I gotta get used to his nature. He's kinda a slob at times. But at least he cleaned my bathroom.

In addition to just being able to hang out with him again, he also brought along his X-Box (which included all of the Splinter Cell games and Ninja Gaiden) and his SNES (including FF III, Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Out of this World and Flashback...ahhh..the memories...) But of course, that's just an added bonus.

He and I also rented Flushed Away and The Departed, both of which were amazing. So, yeah. Amazing for different reasons granted, but amazing.

I also rented Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for my Wii. And despite the fact the inner Marvel geek in me really wanted to like it, the Wii version was lacking. The implemented Wii controls were rather lacking. And of course, since you need additional Wii-motes AND Nunchucks to play (as opposed to implementing just the Wii-mote...or maybe the virtual console controller) I was forced to play alone, which, needless to say, wasn't NEARLY as fun as if I coulda played with Greg. But then again, that's usually the case with those kind of games.

Last Week:

LAST WEEK SUCKED. I don't think I can be any more blatant. It had it's up moments, to be sure. Mostly just I was finally able to hang out with Calla again. I always like hanging out with her. But other than that, the week more or less sucked.

Two tests is bad. Two tests after Spring Break is worse. Though, admittingly, I did get an 84% on one. Doesn't mean it was pleasant.

In addition to those, I just seemed to have a figurative storm of work fly in from all sides. Just...wasn't a good week. Period.

I did get to hang out with Camereon (my friend/leader from my bible study), his roomie Travis and Mark. Specifically, we went and saw TMNT.



...Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, what a let down that was.

I mean, it wasn't BAD. It had it's great moments. Mostly, the animation and character design, a couple of the jokes and the fight scenes (specifically one between Leo and Raph). But the movie felt extremely rushed, and the story, when it made sense, seemed very thrown together. Like the writers had partyed the entire week before, planning on the movie's success, and then realized they hadn't even written their script yet, and threw it together at the last second (Like SO many college students). But in addition, I felt really awkward. This movie, more so than any of the ones which preceeded it, was clearly aimed at a younger audience.

Today and such:

Well, this week hasn't been too bad thus far. Greg's friend Jess came b for the weekend, which was cool, since he's a nice fella. In addition, he is letting us borrow his 360 (Which includes Gears of War and EA Fight Night 07). After I thrashed him at Wii Bowling, He made me (and Joe Fraizer) look bad at Fight Night.

Yesterday, it was uneventful, excluding my new issue of Nintendo Power. So I'll leave that be.

Today wasn't too bad. Mark and I got into a discussion, and while I already concluded some time ago that I wanted to sell Red Steel, I intend to finish it first. I know it didn't do well with critics, and most gamers, but I still didn't think it was that bad, I still liked it, and I do intend to finish it.

The problem is is that Super Paper Mario comes out in like...two weeks. Tops. And I would like it. :/

But, thems the breaks right?

I was gonna work on my essay today, but Angelica wasn't feeling well (her Grand-Pappy died recently) and she was freaking out because an assignment was due today in class, so I agreed to help. It was no big deal, and hey, everyone needs a knight in shining armor right?

...Just wish I could find a princess.


I downloaded Super Ghouls N' Ghosts on the Virtual Console. GOD the memories. I love this game. More so now than ever. It's still a pain in the ass though.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone else is doing good.

Be sure to relax and keep it real.

Oh yeah! Check this out! This was my project for class. It's nothing terribly special, but I think that given the materials I had to work with, it's not too bad. Check it out.



Pac Man vs. Mario? [11 Mar 2007|01:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

This week was...eh. I was particularly busy this week. Possibly because it was the week before Spring Break, so everyone was trying to squeeze out as much as they can. I was kinda irked by this fact, since in order to get everything I needed to done, I had to skip my Bible Study, and exnay on a bunch of social engagements I had intended to have with my friends (eating lunch with Marlo, for one). But I survived, and I think I did good on my midterm and the test I had. I hope so, considering the amount of effort I put into studying them.

...Okay, maybe not the midterm so much, but it was pretty easy anyway.

When I wasn't freaking out about school, I was relaxing by playing Sonic and the Secret Rings. It's a great game. Probably the best 3D Sonic game...well...ever really. But for reasons that escape me, the controls are kinda iffy at times. This often leads me to being frustrated, and banging my Wii-Mote into the needed player's guide. But aside from that, it's fun.

I've also been trying to work through Okami (another amazing game) but that's not as easy to play through as Sonic, so not so much on that one.

Anyway, Saturday rolled around, and after work, I had to go pick up bro Matt, since Jon's (a family friend car) broke down about a mile from his apartment. I acted as a chauffeur, taking the two back to Jon's car, giving it a jump, and allowing Matt to pick up his car keys from in the car. I then dropped them off at Pop's place, while I came back and got my 300 ticket. We hung out at my place for a bit. I had dinner and then I showed Jon the Wii and made him a Mii, and then we were off.

After we stopped in at Wendy's so Matt and Jon could grab food, we went to the theater. I got my ticket first, so I was waiting in the lobby, when outta my eye I saw it...

The thing that made my night even more than the movie did.

Mario Kart Arcade.


You don't understand, I've been looking for this game for...years? But of course, since arcades are a rarity these days, it's not easy to find. But there it was, right in the movie theater. So, after I informed Jon and Matt, we quickly hooked up two matches before we went into the theater.

300, as I expected, was amazing. In so many ways. Besides just being a great story, a true story no less (even if it had the obvious Frank Miller embellishments...The Immortals didn't REALLY look like that, for example), there was a lot in there that can unintentionally be connected to our own conflict(s) today. Which is why I felt that the line "Freedom isn't free at all. It's played with blood" was such a relevant and powerful line. Perhaps that's something all these anti-war people will consider in the future...

Regardless of the personal political opinion of the three of us, we did very much enjoy the movie. My only REAL complaint was the "sex scene". Ya know, where Leoniades makes love with his wife? In theory, I don't mind the idea so much. I guess I'm kinda a prude, but not that much. But I felt the way it was done was just stupid. It felt like I was watching a porn. In addition, it was obviously done just to be unnessecary sex appeal, since that scene did not occur in the original comic.

Otherwise though, the movie was fantastic. I'm so pleased I got to see it and Ghost Rider. I have to get both when they come to DVD.

After that, Jon and I played another round of Mario Kart arcade, and apparently gathered an audience. Once we were done, we headed over to Jon's apartment, chilled there, and then Matt took me home, where I worked on the study guide I had put off since I got home. Which is also pretty much all I've done today thus far.

Sadly, my spring break won't be completely free of responsibility. I gotta do this study guide, for one. But in addition, I'd like to work on an essay I have to write, plus I have hw for my Astronomy class and my Stastics class.

Lame, I know.

But the sooner I get it all done, the happier I'll be later.

Anyway, that's it for now. Take it easy. ^^


HAH HAH! I GOT A FREE TICKET TO 300 SUCKAS! [03 Mar 2007|09:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wanna know how?

Went to Best Buy after work today. I intended to simply go and purchase the players guide for Sonic and the Secret Rings (which, I did), but when I was there they had this huge display at the front of the store, offering the special edition DVD for Alexander (pffft...yeah, that'll sell well) and sample DVDs for $9.99 for behind the scenes look at 300. In addition, it came with a movie ticket.

SO, I pay what I more or less woulda paid at the theater anyway, plus I get the DVD? Not too shabby. But when I got to the check out, it was even better. Apparently, for reasons I do not understand, it was free.

SO, in other words, I'm seeing 300 when it opens this friday.


Don't know what 300 is?

...The you are a poor, poor schmuck. It's Frank Miller's genius interpretation of the finest moment in Sparta's history. (That's Sparta, as in the country apart of ancient Greece).

Go here for more info, and suit up Spartan's, it's coming out *again* this friday.

Anyway, expect a real update here soon.

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